My Story

Edu-preneur – Author – Speaker – Philanthropist

Dr. Sarifa Alonto-Younes is an international speaker with a deeply rooted passion for the empowerment of women through education as a pathway to creating ‘futures with choices’. She works tirelessly to improve the career opportunities especially for women and young people in socio-economically and culturally disadvantaged and developing countries.


Behind every obstacle there are     opportunities

Professional Career

For the past three decades Dr. Sarifa Alonto-Younes has been invited to conferences and seminars to present to heads of state, academic and business leaders, as well as organisations and media where she addresses social, environmental, cultural and educational issues.  

Dr. Sarifa Alonto-Younes is the Founder & President of the International Academy of Marawi (IAM), Founder & Director of the Training College of Australia, and Founder and Director for the Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre.


Dr. Sarifa Alonto-Younes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology (Malaysia) and a Masters Degree in Education and Training (Melbourne, Australia) which have made her a strong voice on international stages speaking on organisational change, social reform and personal empowerment.

Be Inspired to Become All That You Can Be

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