Sarifa Alonto Younes is an international speaker with a deeply rooted passion for empowerment through education as a pathway to creating ‘futures with choices.

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Young girl, Sarifa Alonto-Younes grew up with a family she loved, in a country she loved, doing what she loved -- playing games with her friends under the warm shelter of her family home in her hometown of Marawi City in the Philippines.

Sarifa is a fantastic speaker and advocate for loving your obstacles. She changes your perspective on life’s hardship and shows you how to overcome them in a positive way. Listening to her speak on stage there is rarely a dry eye in the room. Her story comes from the heart. I would recommend having Sarifa speak on your stage or to work with such an resilient human being

Susan Dean

Life coach, Business coach, speaker and Trainer

CEO and Founder of Dean Publishing


I first met Sarifa in 2018 when she was a finalist for the AusMumpreneur Awards, I remember seeing this quiet and unassuming lady sitting in a room packed full of women and thinking to myself I hope she's enjoying this event and not feeling overwhelmed by so many people. I had no idea what a powerhouse this woman was and how wrong I was to think she had ever been quiet or unassuming! ....

Peace Mitchell 

Women will change the world

Cofounder of Women’s Business school

A true woman of substance! Education is the way. I love what Sarifa what Sarifa stands for and how she believes in education and not being a victim. I am so inspired by her simple yet powerful message. Written with such love in here heart.