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Learn how to truly turn any obstacle in your life into a series of life changing opportunities


This book will take you a journey and show you how you can be greater than you ever thought.


Book Blurb

"Love Your Obstacles" is a 1# Amazon Best-seller in three categories.

Young girl, Sarifa Alonto-Younes grew up with a family she loved, in a country she loved, doing what she loved — playing games with her friends under the warm shelter of her family home in her hometown of Marawi City in the Philippines.

At age ten, her innocent world was ripped apart forever when tragedy struck and Sarifa’s fate was sealed. She was an orphan, alone in the world armed with nothing but a dream. A dream to end her misery and get an education.

Teaching herself to read and write from her brother’s schoolbooks was the first step, ploughing through a series of obstacles, prejudices and gender inequalities was the next.

Purpose-driven and intent on making something of her life, Sarifa found a secret formula that helped end her suffering and transform her thinking and her life forever.

Sarifa’s inspiring story of struggle and triumph will help anyone face and overcome their obstacles in life with a new sense of passion, purpose and grace. Never has there been a better time to learn how to Love Your Obstacles.

"You have no idea how you impacted me. Love you sister!" - Dr Tererai Trent, author of 'The Awakened Woman' and Oprah's all-time favourite guest.

Get your copy now.

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