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Change Your Perspective on Your Problems & Find the Freedom to Succeed


Purpose-driven and intent on making something of her life, Dr Sarifa found a secret formula that helped end her suffering and transform her thinking and her life forever.

Sarifa’s inspiring story of struggle and triumph will help anyone face and overcome their obstacles in life with a new sense of passion, purpose and grace. Never has there been a better time to learn how to Love Your Obstacles.

Featured keynotes

Love your obstacles-Turn Challenges into Opportunities 

Obstacles are everywhere. For some, it can break them and spin them into cycle of hardship and depression. For others, it can define and strengthen them beyond their wildest imagination. Sarifa, faced many obstacles throughout her life. However, she has managed through them and had turned those obstacles into opportunities. She has learned throughout those years to love her obstacles.


Sarifa had lost both her parents at a very young age. Her father had a car accident when she 4. Few years later, her mother lost her battle with cancer. The obstacle of being an orphan made Sarifa strong, independent, resilient and a successful business entrepreneur, educator and author.

Sarifa has shared her story on the national and international stage. Sarifa is a powerful professional speaker  who has inspired and positively impacted  women from all around the world. Now Sarifa is the living example of triumph, strength and success. 


It has become Sarifa's passion to educate and empower women to learn to love their obstacles and inspire them to turn those obstacles into opportunities.

In this keynote presentation, Sarifa will show you how to:

1. Turn obstacles into Opportunities 

2. Learn to ADD to your life not subtract

3. Love your obstacle

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